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Getting Started

Getting Started with Sage 1:1

As we begin working together, having some initial responses to the following prompts will get us going on building our structures. We will work with creating and building on these in our sessions and they may change as we go. 

Relative to our relationship. 

1. What is your dream of where this work will take you/us? 

2. What is the purpose of our space, for you? Some examples: 

a. To understand and apply what is necessary to support you to live an authentic and conscious life; 

b. To understand the steps necessary toward clarifying your life purpose and how to put it into action; 

c.  To clarify a vision and live from it consistently, reliably, building self-trust and self-empowerment while contributing to the vision of a world you want to live in.

3. What are some ways of being with you that you will likely experience as supportive? 


a. Asking you questions 

b. Not interrupting your flow until you finish 

c. Having clear start and end time 

      d. Reflecting what you say 

      e. Putting truth ahead of care 

f. Putting care ahead of truth 

     g. etc... 

Relative to your life (below) 


Optional Invitation: Watch this 30 min video on vision (Donella Meadows - Down to Earth) and then answer the following questions (draw, write, make a video or song, etc): 

★ (big picture) If everything were possible, with no limitations, what would your dream for the world look like? 

★  (close in) What is important to you about completing the TMLP? How will it enhance your life?



How many sessions? It depends on the purpose for our working relationship, how quickly we reach that purpose, and whether reaching it means that we end the relationship, or reform the purpose. 

The length of a session is anywhere between 45 - 75 minutes depending on an organic end time. Or, we will choose a hard stop. We will make this determination together.

For completing the TMLP, I recommend we start with 12 weekly sessions over three months, beginning the 1st week of August. As we near completion of this period, we will choose together how to move forward in a way that supports you.


We begin on time. I ask that you set aside a minimum of 20 minutes prior to each session to get present, including:

  • care for bodily  needs

  • remove/minimize distractions

  • set up your space

  • unplug other devices

  • close out tabs

  • unplug phone

  • review your intention for our time together

I will do the same.

Sustainability I work as closely as I can to the gift economy and within simplicity. For me this means I have a needs-based approach where I: 

  • work with people whose vision aligns with my own, which gives me energy; 

  • give the work freely within my capacity to do so;

  • enjoy supporting folks who “pay it forward” to help the next woman who requests my support. Thus, you are receiving this work as a gift from prior support I’ve received, and the amount you send is a gift for the next woman;

  • request support for my financial sustainability towards me being able to focus on this work as much as I possibly can. I ask you to consider 4 questions in thinking about how much to offer. I’d like you to offer an amount that is: 

○ Respectful - whatever that means to you 

○ Generous 

○ Something you’d like me to have 

○ Something you can afford within the overall timespan of our work together 

If it’s helpful for you to know, my sustainability rate is $145 - $225 per session. If this works for you, great. If this is beyond capacity, we may choose to alter our timing. 

Please let me know before we begin what works for you, and send that amount in advance of our 1st meeting. I accept both Venmo @Sage-Knight-1 and Zelle +1-818-264-6163. The amount you send is non-refundable. 

If you have any questions or concerns or if there is anything on this sheet that you would like to negotiate or understand more fully before moving forward, let me know, and we can set up a call to explore possibilities.

And, if all of this sounds good, let’s set up a weekly time and get started on Your Vision! 


Much love,


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