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Is This You?

  • You love Nature. Every time you go outside, you feel freer, more yourself, more alive, and yet you can't remember the last time when you unplugged for more than a few hours. (And that was only because you misplaced your phone.)

  • You long for a simpler, more connected life, but don't have time to create it.

  • Perhaps you’ve got a strong spiritual practice, but for crying out loud, look at the world. It's time to do something! But what is yours to do?

  • You’ve done a ton of personal growth work, yet when you need it the most, you still go down a rabbit hole.

  • You're so inundated with the news, your friends and family, and all the problems in the world, that you can't find space for your own vision.

  • You do a great job taking care of others, but forget that you have needs too.

  • Needs? What are needs...?

  • You believe the quote from the Tao, “At the center of your being you have the answer...” but you're not sure how to get to your center, let alone live from it.

  • Or, you do know who you are and what you want—when you're alone. But when you're with your friends or your partner, somehow you can’t seem to stand for your own feelings, needs, and values.

  • Perhaps you have a fear that when you step into your true power, your people will not know what hit them.



Welcome. You’re in the right place.

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