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You have all of your own answers.

What you may not have is space, support, or clarity about how to access the place inside of you where your answers reside. 


When you rediscover your own knowing, you will have a pathway to your instincts, wisdom and power.


You will remember how to stand for yourself, not against anyone or anything else, but as a natural, self-loving action. And when you do, everyone benefits.


Might you like someone to walk with you as you find your way home?

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Sage Knight

Hi, I'm Sage, writer, artist, devotional singer, and mother of two. I bring over thirty years of training and expertise in health and well-being, spirituality, and nonviolence fields.


In 2016, I wrote a column about violence in sexual terminology, which led to a guest appearance at TEDx LA Women. You can read that article here: "What's In a Name?"

Then, concerned with the level of escalating desensitization in mainstream culture, I began teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and am currently a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

Ideally suited for those looking for a "spiritual reset," but equally perfect for anyone seeking to explore the land in a deeper, more mindful way. Wise woman, Sage, was a soulful, gentle and empathetic facilitator who lovingly held space ... Beautiful and touching experience that I will not forget. I left feeling entirely renewed and grounded - exactly what I needed.

CECI LEGER / Cruise Industry Management Professional

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