Forest Path

A space of self-restoration for women and girls.

Maybe you can imagine a world of Truth and Beauty. Where you can be you. But the world won't be quiet long enough for you to discover who you really are, what you feel, and what you need. And if it did, and if you did, would you trust what you hear?


If not, you are not alone and you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. Our culture is designed to breed and reward followers, not leaders. Women are taught to prioritize care for others. Most of us are not taught how to identify and stand for our own needs and values.


But you can, and doing so is revolutionary.


It's simpler than you may think. As the Tao says, “At the center of your being, you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want.” 


You just need a space to get to the center of your being. And begin to trust what you know.


You were born with everything you need to learn how. You are surrounded by natural allies. And you always will be.

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Sage Knight


Sage Knight is a speaker, author, artist, and mother of two.

Sage brings over thirty years of training and expertise in health and well-being, spirituality, and nonviolence fields to the table. Her wellbeing articles have appeared in multiple Los Angeles based magazines, and over 200 of her Living Well columns have been published in local newspapers.


In 2016 Sage was a panelist for TEDx LA Women on the topic of violence in sexual terminology, and in 2019, inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s socially transformative communication work and concerned with the level of escalating violence and desensitization in mainstream culture, she began offering NVC to women and college students.


Currently a CNVC certification candidate, Sage is creating earth-based self-empathy practices and curricula designed to dissolve imposed domination-culture conditioning, and access innate, life-affirming wisdom. She is available for speaking, private sessions, and group facilitation. 

Sage resides in the Santa Monica Mountains surrounded by Nature, wildlife, and a feline companion. You can contact her here.

Ideally suited for those looking for a "spiritual reset," but equally perfect for anyone seeking to explore the land in a deeper, more mindful way. Wise woman, Sage, was a soulful, gentle and empathetic facilitator who lovingly held space ... Beautiful and touching experience that I will not forget. I left feeling entirely renewed and grounded - exactly what I needed.

CECI LEGER / Cruise Industry Management Professional


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