What a beautiful and rich experience. I have lived in the LA area my whole life, and have never felt so connected to the land in this area than I did during my experience at the Topanga labyrinth. The labyrinth is at the top of the hill and offers expansive views of ocean, but most of all, the labyrinth walk holds answers to questions I didn't even know I was asking! I had a 'rebirth experience' in this labyrinth walk when I wasn't even expecting it, and Sage's connection to the land made her the perfect guide. I can really say that this experience felt sacred in a very grounded way. The walk to the center of the labyrinth parallels a journey inward to the 'center' of the self, and although I was unsure about whether this labyrinth would give me any answers or insight, it totally did. I was very surprised, as I tend to be a more 'mental' person than one grounded in my body. Book, book, book! That's all I can say about this experience. I will be coming back again and again.

Nisha, California

Wow! What a magical experience! Sage took us on a beautiful spiritual journey. The trail up to the labyrinth had magnificent views of the ocean and nature. The sunset was gorgeous too! The mindful journey into and out of the labyrinth itself was a welcome way to slow down, meditate and connect with my soul and the natural world. I was present to the interconnected nature of the web of life and the privilege I have to be a part of that web. I would not have had this experience without the way Sage guided us through the whole process. She demonstrated care, connection, and clarity. I felt totally relaxed resting into her guidance.

Aaron, Los Angeles

A great night where we connected to the Moon, the land and the skies.

Yazzle, United Kingdom

Loved this experience! I booked with the intention to find clarity around some health issues and life transitions. The beautiful ceremony at the labyrinth provided me with ways to move forward. Thank you Sage for sharing this beautiful experience! And many blessings to the group ❤️

Melanie, California

Last night with Sage, was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have had in my entire 38 years on this planet, and I am quite well-traveled. I wanted to feel immersed in the powerful ‘nature’ of Los Angeles and feel truly connected to all its elements and also to heal deep sorrows and receive a message of hope. I received far beyond what I could have imagined, and I do have a extraordinary imagination. Every moment from the second I met Sage was profound and spiritual. I felt a sense that she saw and knew the real me instantly when she welcomed and greeted me. Not a familiarity but that she saw me and all my magnificence. Her chanting healed the inner baby child within me, and my true and infinite being entered my body that night and it filled my body after years of shrinking and cowering like females sometimes feel the need to in such a misogynistic culture. I released all the sorrows into the cosmic trash can that the labyrinth provides. I would highly recommend this truly rare opportunity to anyone who can “manifest”/ access it. I hope I get to see Sage again one day for this same event or any others she creates for humanity. Deepest gratitude Sage!!! 

Shauna, Hawaii


What a wonderful experience!! Sage was a kind hearted soul who was mindful of making her guests comfortable as well as entertained. The view of the ocean was breath taking. The group I went with was mostly couples. This experience makes for a very special and unique date night, especially if you or your partner are into indigenous cultures, and spirituality. The ceremony itself was such a special experience. Sage leads us in a prayer chant and explains the significance or the labyrinth. One thing she makes clear is the importance of having an intention for participating in the ceremony. The best way I can describe is that if there’s an aspect of your life you are seeking clarity on, this ceremony could provide a new perspective on it. All in all it was a wonderful unique experience... 

Jacob, California