Labyrinth Ceremony

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

~ Lao Tzu      

the Labyrinth provides powerful access to inner knowing; as you walk to Its center, you may discover your own.


what we’ll do: 

we will walk to a beautiful sandstone Labyrinth overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (some uphill walking, though not very steep.)

you may see Deer, Coyotes, Hawks or Great Horned Owls


once there we will do ceremony: you will learn a Native healing song and be invited to pour any troubles you may be carrying into the Earth.


you may walk the Labyrinth, enjoy the peacefulness or simply sit on the edge of the world and gaze at the Ocean (and sometimes fluffy cloud layer) below you.


all participation is welcome and none is required.


i will bring a frame drum and offer a song or two. additional acoustic instruments are welcome.


many blessings. see you soon.


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some words from participants: