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Even if you are not able to join an entire course, you can receive support for your self-empathy practice. Below you will find a variety of products and services that will give you a taste of what it is we're teaching. 


One on One Private work: 12 weekly sessions with Sage. For the woman who desires to discover and deepen her self-empathy and leadership capacity. 


Creating Peace and Power - A Sisterhood of Self-Empathy 

This course is designed for the woman who is ready to release self-doubt and people pleasing and is willing to step into her power fully, and to be a support other women on the same path.


Labyrinth Ceremony: When you're at a Crossroads and need to sink into your inner wisdom. 2 hours. Overlooking Malibu in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Drawing Down the Moon: Women have an ancient connection with the Moon. She affects our hormones, cycles, and blood flow. Rediscover this powerful relationship here.


Meet your Element Allies: Discover connection to yourself and the planet at the most primal level. This small group of women will meet for 90 minutes once a week. 6 months. 


Simply Shamanic ~ One Woman’s Journey In and Between Both Worlds: A collection of earth-based true stories. For the woman who is trying to find where she belongs.


The Elements Deck ~ A Woman’s Tarot: A 54-card deck of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit qualities. When you want to stop figuring it out, a deck can offer fresh insight. Illustrated by Malibu artist and wisewoman elder Mary Wright.

As we are building the site, if you would like more information on any of the products or services listed above, please fill out a Contact request form here. 

"I have been on many different types of spiritual explorations, and Sage is the real deal."

DIANE NIEDZIALKOWSKI / Retired Biology and Environmental Studies Teacher