This is your Special Invitation to...

 Be at Cause in the matter of mattering.

The Elements curriculum is for women and youth committed to increasing their leadership capacity toward creating nonviolent global liberation and environmental sustainability.

What You will Gain from the Elements Curriculum


  • You will be able to distinguish between an objectified orientation toward self, other (including the earth), and the elements.

  • You will identify and practice tools to transform your relating from objectification to respect and care.

  • You will experience value from direct in-depth relating with the basic elements.

  • You will create a practice of relating with elements in a way that provides ongoing self-support.

  • You will increase your leadership capacity by deepening your understanding of self-empathy.

  • You will increase your capacity to notice, name, and stand for your authentic needs and values in any situation.


You will be guided through the Elements Curriculum through:

  • Creating experiences with each of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air

You will receive instructional content

  • You will be guided through experiential discovery practices

  • You will have both individual experiences and engage with others in group practices via Zoom

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