What is "Pay from the Heart"?

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First, I want you to know how much I appreciate your visiting this page. I do this work because I feel wonderful doing so. The work is self-restorative, and I believe its value is profound. 


I am endeavoring to bring some of the work forward in groups on a donation basis, so that all who want to participate feel welcome to do so without the constraint of financial concerns. This is the world I want to live in!

I trust that we all want to contribute to each other’s well being, and that nothing feels more wonderful. I trust that you want to contribute to my wellbeing as I want to contribute to yours.

Pay From The Heart means you ask yourself what feels Joyful for you to give, what nourishes your spirit, what feels right for you. 

What is sustainable for me

I have needs, and I want to be honest about that. I am devoted to providing the juiciest, most fulfilling spaces that I can, and this takes time.


What I ask and what I’d like you to consider

It helps me to have predictable support. There are two numbers I’d like to offer, both on a monthly basis:

If you are considering joining The Call Women's Writing Circle or are a member of The Element Allies Program (beta), the first number is US$100/month. This is a basic sustainability price. 


The second number is US$40/month. This feels good in my heart as the minimum donation to request.


More or Less

If you are in a situation where you have more, and contributing more feels good to you, I am happy to receive additional support. This helps me bring the work to those who need it.


If you feel like working with me would make a real difference for you, that it would nourish your soul, and paying $40/month puts your food or shelter at risk, then I request that you pay less. 


By the way, I don’t need any explanations about why you need to pay less. ​We’re all in this together, and I’ve been there too!

How it all works

First, if you've not already done so, I'd like you to decide if you will be joining us. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of support would mean to you, how you would be nourished, what might open up, be restored in your life.


Second, if you decide “Yes,” then make a decision about what would bring your heart Joy to give. Take your time. Think about the reality of your financial situation and sense into your heart about an amount that feels good to you.

If all of this feels wonderful to you, I welcome you to participate in our Circle of Support!