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This work relies on ancient principles, tested over thousands of years, combined with the power of transformational perspectives and simple practices. Here are the three basic components:

  • Connection with Nature: We work in harmony with natural rhythms, the Earth, and the Elements, through ceremony and simple practices, to support simplicity and peace in a complex, human-made world.

  • Vision Bias: Discovering, nourishing, and celebrating your vision, through guided meditations, journaling, and ongoing support, becomes a resource for resilience and simplifies decision making. 

  • Leadership: When we take on leadership as an orientation versus a role, we live outside of the cultural narrative and increase our capacity to be of deeper service to our vision and to other living beings.

Combine these three and you begin to live your truth and lead your life with increased confidence, serenity, power and belonging, without sacrificing your values or your relationships.

If this makes sense to you, and, more importantly, if it sounds joyous and meaningful, and you'd like increase your capacity and also get a sense of your own level of self-empathy, let's set up a time to chat. Make yourself comfy with favorite tea, coffee, chocolate, and I'll provide a complimentary Self-Empathy Assessment. You can set that up here.

If you'd like to get to know me better before setting up a call, check out my blog here.


I wrote a newspaper column for over a decade, I have no secrets...