If you’d like to know more about Sage:

One of my favorite highlights is that I was a TEDxLA Women panelist in 2016, speaking on the connection between violence and sexual terminology. If you'd like to read the article that prompted TED to invite me, you can find it here: "What's in a Name?"


Current Trainings/Affiliations:

Certification Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication cnvc.org.

Member of Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) Community https://nglcommunity.org/

Completed Vision Mobilisation Training w/NVC Academy NVC Academy

Active member of Vision Mobilisation https://visionmobilisation.org/

in eluding the Liberation Spaces Learning Community

Mind, Body, Spirit:

Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing Advanced training (500+ H) 1986-1989

Chapman Center Birthing Assistant Training 1997


Craniosacral therapy I and II Upledger Institute 1995-1996

Licensed Practitioner Agape International Spiritual Center 10 years 1996-2006

Shamanic training 8 months 2014

Author of Simply Shamanic short stories memoir 2020

Creator of The Elements Deck, Self-empathy Tarot 2020


Also, toward deep relating with the element of Earth and toward honoring women, I worked as an artist for thirty years, forming bowls and women’s torsos in stoneware, pure gold, and pure silver. 1989-2019


I also wrote a column for over a decade for two local newspapers, raised and homeschooled two children, Waldorf style; and, in 2020, co-created and facilitated The Call, a no-evaluation Women’s Writing Circle.

NVC Trainings Log:



Vision Mobilization Aug - Sept 2021

Emma Quayle and Arnina and Miki Kashtan


The Compass for Vision Mobilization Aug - Sept 2021

Arnina Kashtan and Emma Quayle


Liberations Spaces support “Tent” Aug - Sept 2021



Pacific VIT October 30 - Nov 8, 2020

Jim and Jori Manske, Mary Mackenzie, Go and Yuko Gotu, Sylvie ?


Resonance Summit April 2020

Sarah Peyton, Stephen Porges, Ph. D., et al


February 2020

SoCal Facilitators’ Retreat

Poway, California


February-November 2020

Responding to the Call of Our Times (RTTC)

Miki Kashtan, Sarah Peyton (guest), Sophie Docker (guest)


February - May 2020

Facilitating NVC with Joy and Confidence

Mary Mackenzie


August 2019

Ben Lomond Retreat Center, California

Mobilizing Nonviolent Global Liberation retreat

Miki Kashtan, Ph. D.


May 2019

Long Beach, California

SoCal Facilitators’ Retreat


June 2018-June 2019

The Compassion Course

Thom Bond


February-November 2018

Responding to the Call of Our Times (RTTC)

Miki Kashtan, Ph. D., Sarah Peyton (guest)


August 2018

Ben Lomond Retreat Center, California

Mobilizing Nonviolent Global Liberation retreat

Miki Kashan, Ph. D., Sabine Geiger, Aya Caspi, Bob Wentworth



Santa Barbara

NVC Weekend Conference

Jim and Jori Manske, Mary Mackenzie



Santa Barbara

NVC Intro

Marshall Rosenberg :-)

Ongoing Support:



Cert pod 

Pod Support

SoCal Facilitators Community



Weekly VM co-working meetings Aug - Sept 2021


Certification Candidate Mentoring

Session I Feb - Apr 2021

Sarah Peyton, Peggy Smith


Certification Candidate Mentoring

Session II 2021 May - Aug

Sarah Peyton, Peggy Smith, Sylvie Hornig



Supporting Holistic Systems


Supporting Holistic Systems Action Group



Cert Pod w/Rodger Sorrow and community

Dec 2020 - present


Pod Support w/Jim Manske

Aug 2020 - present


Mentoring w/Jori Manske


2019 - 2020

Live-in partnership

w/NVC practice group facilitator


Mutual support/writing call with CNVC Certified Trainer Mair Alight

May 22, 2019 - Dec 2020.


2017 - 2018

NVC Practice group 

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"Sage's patience, empowering attitude and sense of humor — gained from a long history of working in the healing arts — turned her into a compassionate, motivational and inspirational team player.  She helped bring out the best in me."

MELODY BEATTIE / Melody and Company, Inc. / International Bestselling Author