About the Work


It all began with a Mountain Lion...


and a one-time offering at a Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) leadership training retreat in San Mateo, California, after spending a few nights sharing the woods with a Mountain Lion and realizing that I felt more alive being scared than being disconnected.


I had a bed reserved for me in a cabin, but even after hearing a Big Cat had been spotted by a woman hiking alone, I could not pass up an opportunity to sleep under towering Pacific Coast Redwoods and Pines, so that first night, I slipped under the covers in my one-person mesh tent and sent out a prayer that we, the Lion and I, share the space and that no one gets hurt. I slept like a baby.

The next day during a community meeting, we played a game: "Raise your hand if... " One of the women on the leadership team called out, "Raise your hand if you're afraid of the bogeymen in the Trees."


Hands shot up, and I thought, "How on Earth can we facilitate leadership and nonviolence if we are afraid of the Forest, home of the beings who provide the air we breathe?"

That week, at the retreat, I led my first Nature-based connection event. Instead of meeting inside the hall, folks were invited to walk the forest path to my little mesh tent nestled near a Labyrinth surrounded by towering Pines. They came in silence, following paper signs I'd placed on the ground to guide them. They stood in the little indentations made by my feet during daily morning shamanic practice. They slowed down, spent time without words, in the forest, breathing with the Trees. 

If you want a deeper sense of connection to yourself, the Earth and others; if you want authenticity, a sense of peace and wellbeing—when you're alone or in a group; if you want to be an agent of sustainable leadership; or, if you simply want to unplug and find out who you are, unadorned by external influence; ​you are welcome here.



PS If you'd like to know more about the principles behind the work, go here.

About Sage

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Sage Knight is a TEDxLA Women panelist, newspaper columnist, author, and Certification Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Her focus is on educating women in self-empathy and personal leadership. For more about Sage and the trainings she's completed, go here.


Sage is also a ceremonialist and healer. Trained in shamanic work as a mesa carrier, as well as multiple mindfulness techniques and somatic awareness styles, she’s walked on fire, birthed under water and is the creator of The Elements Deck, self-empathy tarot. 


While she works with all who come to her, most of Sage's clients are women. She believes that while all women and girls have innate leadership abilities, most need more space, freedom, and accompaniment to access them.

Sage offers private and group sessions and is available for speaking engagements.

"Sage's patience, empowering attitude and sense of humor — gained from a long history of working in the healing arts — turned her into a compassionate, motivational and inspirational team player.  She helped bring out the best in me."

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